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"When you have passion for your profession the work speaks for itself." Dr. Vera Deutsch

Every year my practice closes for a few weeks here and there as I travel the world seeking out opportunities to learn from the thought leaders of the dental care industry.

I've been in Hermosa Beach for decades and I've grown my practice from scratch using only referrals. I much prefer the personal touch this method requires. It suits me; I absolutely love it when I run past patients on the Strand and they smile and waive hello.

Your Smile

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    Wonderful Smile

    More than just making a great first impression good oral care is crucial for great health


    Fillings & Crowns

    From tried and true to the most advanced modern materials Dr. Deutsch been specifically trained to provide the best possible results.

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    Whenever possible Dr. Deutsch personally performs the cleaning because it gives her the opportunity to get to know the patients.



    Few dentists take the time and incur the expense required to learn and practice the latest in aesthetics and cosmetic dentistry.

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    Xray & Exams

    Dr. Deutsch takes the time to thoroughly examine all patients to include x-rays when required.



    Dr. Deutsch is a graduate of numerous globally recognized aesthetics and cosmetics programs to which she continually returns to maintain her skill sets.

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    Personalized Care

    you will be treated by the doctor 95% of the time


    Denta Emergency

    exisiting patients can email the doctor directly

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My Blog (under construction)

  • Knowledge is Power
  • Understanding Dental Insurance
  • I'm a real fan of doing a Pros+ and Cons- matrix for all my complex financial decisions. Sometimes it is easy because the variables are stacked on one side and at other times it is more complex because too much misinformation is shrouding the issue at hand. Insurance is one such item where people are often led astray through misinformation and only a careful analysis reveals the true value and need. I will address this issue during my Q1-2016 Blog.
  • Jun 1st
  • Knowledge is Power
  • Are composite fillings better than lead
  • That all depends on who is doing the selling it because the industry and science has conclusively shown that neither is better and neither is without risk. I will address this issue during my Q2-2016 Blog.
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  • Knowledge is Power
  • What is the true risk and cost of Implants
  • As with all purchases one has to be reasonable and assume that often you do get what you pay for. This does not mean expensive is better or cheap is worse but take a reasonable "buyer beware" attitude. Assess the capabilities of your provider based on references, un-biased reviews, and the feeling you get when you discuss the treatment with the provider. You can assume the provider based the price according to the market served so bargaining price is like bargaining with your chef or hairdresser (likely to produce negative results). I will address this issue during my Q3-2016 Blog.
  • Jun 1st
  • Knowledge is Power
  • What dental care products are worth the cost
  • With the holidays approaching it might be good to know what dental care products might make a worthwhile gift and what items will turn a smile into a frown. I will address this issue during my Q4-2016 Blog.
  • Jun 1st

Dr. Profile (under construction)

After working at a high end practice on LA's prestigious west side Dr. Deutsch finally decided to build her own practice from scratch within walking distance of her home. Now she is able to provide world class care within her community and without the commute she has more time to dedicate to her true passion: health, fitness and dentistry.

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